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FDM para transferencia de calor en 3 metales diferentes.

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  • C/C++ FDM para transferencia de calor en 3 metales diferentes.

    Dear colleagues,

    A few days ago, I received the following exercise (my teacher just took a sheet of paper and drawing in the moment without further explanation), but I've never studied thermodynamics before and I don't know very well where to start, the exercise is heat transfer and the use of the method of finite differences, and should I program it in C ++ using PetSc.

    The Method of Finite Difference (FDM) for 2D and the equation of Laplace of the I've used previously and I do not have problems to understand it, but I have a few ideas about this topic. I have read and seen many tutorials on YouTube on the subject, but most of them are of a layer, 2D and different temperatures around. However, in this exercise, I have 3 different metals and is in 3D.

    I would like to get some recommendations or tips on what I should do or where to read. Thank you for your valuable help, I feel, because I don't have any equation, or relevant information, but my knowledge of this is minimal.

    The statement of the problem would be more or less like this:
    To obtain the graph of the heat transfer in the following figure, using the finite difference method using PetSc and C ++:
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    The ambient temperature is 0 degrees celsius.
    Thermal conductivity:
    • Aluminum: 205 W / mK
    • Copper: 385.0 wmk
    • Iron: 79,5 W / mK

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    Re: FDM para transferencia de calor en 3 metales diferentes.

    Hi. you can find some information about this problem in

    this link, or this and this

    you need to know the Fourier law

    Good luck.

    if you need more information in the future, please keep asking.

    In spanish

    Hola puedes encontrar información sobre como resolver este problema en

    este link, or este and este

    primero debes conocer la ley de Fourier (en español)

    Si necesita mas información en el futuro, siga preguntando

    Pd- he visto este problema resuelto en el foro pero no lo pude encontrar (quizá eran conductores electricos).

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      Re: FDM para transferencia de calor en 3 metales diferentes.

      Dear fanmixco ,

      You can take a look to the book " Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow " written by Suhas V. Patankar . It was very helpful to me and it is easy to read . It will help you to develop heat transfer problems in 2D and 3D by using the Gauss- Seidel algorithm .

      I 'll try to answer you any questions if I can get some free time! Good luck.
      \frac{\partial \rho \phi}{\partial t}+\nabla (\rho \vec{v} \phi)=\nabla(\Gamma \nabla \phi) + S


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