Hola, estoy leyendo el artículo https://arxiv.org/pdf/0801.4591.pdf ,

dice "Fortunately, the fact that the heat capacity of the cosmological horizon be positive permits to foresee the evolution of the space in absence of any external source. Taking the correct signs for the temperatures one can notice that, for a given value of M, T+ > T++. Therefore, during their interaction due to its positive heat capacity the cosmological horizon would increase its temperature, and so its radius. Conversely, the black hole horizon would become even hotter because of its negative heat capacity and shrink. In this way, there should be a net flux of energy from the black hole horizon into cosmological horizon. "

donde T+, and T++ son la temperatura de el horizonte de black hole y del horizonte cosmológico, respectivamente

Por que el hecho de que T+>T++ y C++>0 implica que el radio de horizonte cosmológico aumenta?, y
Por que el hecho de que T+>T++ y C+<0 implica que el horizonte de black hole se contrae?,

yo lo imaginaba como en la figura

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